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Fire fire fire and fire, we do it all! We deliver high content pyrotechnical fireshows

everywhere at any given time. We know how to set your evening on fire!

Read more about what we offer, how we offer it and why you need it. 

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     WE ARE


- A syncronised fire duett made out of two artists with 20+ years of experience together in the business of fireshows. We have been everywhere: Tours, productions, television, festivals, weddings, company events, big partys, inaugurations, beachclubs, nightclubs and yeah, you get the point. Through the years we have performed all around in Scandinavia, Europe and Africa both as IGNITED and together with other artists as musicians, magicians and bigger produtions of fire- and pyrotechnical circuses.

Therefore we are certain to say, that we can offer you more than just a fireshow: We deliver magical moments made out of fire in combinations with carefully chosen music, beautiful firedancing, special designed clothing and pyrotechnical effects everywhere at any time.

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